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"Prung Thai" The best Thai Cookery School offers authentic Thai cooking classes in southern Thailand. Courses are taught in English and feature essentials like fruit and vegetable carving, a unique Executive Master Thai chef skill experience of five-star hotel . Here you get a much more in depth cooking experience.

The cooking course at Prung Thai Cooking School is an ideal home-style learning environment that is different from most of the hotels and restaurants in Thailand. Thinking of taking a class on the last day of your stay, Prung Thai Cooking School can eventually wrap up your journey to Thailand wonderfully! Learn how to cook healthy and delicious Thai food to surprise your family and friends at home as a gourmet souvenir form Thailand. Real hands-on experience.We has lots of fun activities that you can take it. Step on your own.

Dazzle your friends and family with your ability to produce authentic and delicious dishes from Thailand with this 100% hands-on cooking class. Following a few simple demonstrations, you will commence preparing your Thai dishes, one at a time under his watchful eye and gentle instructions. Afterwards taste your dishes for lunch to complete this unique and truly Thai experience.

*** Herbal water will be available during the class. ***

Yam Woon Sen Tom Kha Gai
Gaeng Kiew
Waan Gai
Tom Yam Goong

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FOOD AS ART We believe every meal should be a visual feast. Therefore we have a range of plates, bowls and fresh materials to experiment with to create your own"food art". This is where our guests get a special grin and say, WOW! Look what I made!

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  • Making lemon grass tea
  • Soak dried chilies.
  • Soak red ruby-like chestnut in coconut, pandanus leaf syrup & coconut milk with jasmine.
  • Making tom yum soup.
  • Ground roasted rice
  • Making the Panang curry paste
  • Making Ruby & take in last served
  • Making stuff of Krathong Tong (Minced Chicken & Sweet Corn in Crispy Golden Cup)& tasting
  • Measure the flour of Krathong Tong & fried together with a 2:1.
  • Take a break
  • "Laab Gai" (Spicy Chicken Salad)
  • Take a break
  • Making "Panaeng Nua" (Penang Curry with beef), then kept eating.
  • Making "Tom Yam Goong", then kept eating.

  • Activity:2

  • Soak dried chilies.
  • Making Okra tea
  • pounding the Red Curry Paste.
  • Coconut grater, squeeze coconut
  • Thai custard and take it last served
  • "Satay" marinades, Squeeze Tamarind
  • Making "satay" sauce "Ajad" relish.
  • Take a brake
  • Making the coconut milk topping.
  • Fried shallot and fried chili.
  • "Yum Tua-Poo" (Wing Bean Spicy and Sour Salad)
  • Take a brake
  • Red curry with roasted duck keep to eat with the rice.
  • Roll fish with tapioca flour.
  • Fried holy basil and fish
  • Making tamarind sauce for taste.
  • Guests did and eat with the rice.

  • Activity:3

  • Making Bael tea.
  • Coconut grater, Squeeze coconut
  • Braise the beef
  • Steamed glutinous rice and timer.
  • Boil the beans.
  • Coconut milk sticky rice topped and fried beans.
  • Making "Mas-sa-man Curry" paste
  • Marinated pork.
  • Making chili relish for the "Fish Cake"
  • Mix sticky rice and take in for serve
  • Crispy fried basil leaves.
  • Fried "Fish Cake" to taste.
  • Take a brake
  • Grilled pork.
  • Making Yum dressing, cut the pork and set aside.
  • Spicy Pork Salad
  • Take a brake
  • "Tom Kha Kai", guests did it then place to eat
  • Take a brake
  • Squeeze Tamarind juice to the guests.
  • "Mas-sa-man curry" place to eat.

  • Activity:4

  • Soak vermicelli and soaked chili
  • Making Thai iced tea.
  • Pounding Gaeng Kiew Waan curry spices (Green curry)
  • Coconut grater
  • Press cream out of the coconut meat for "Gaeng Kiew Waan" curry and "Kluey Bued Chee
  • Soak Phuket Vermicelli
  • Making chili relish
  • Pounding fermentation spices, Making " Goong SaRhong"
  • Fried experience.
  • Take a break
  • YamWoonSen ( glass noodle salad)
  • Take a break
  • Pounding fish-fermentation spices
  • Fermentation fish and refrigerated.
  • Making "KlueyBuedChee" and place to serve
  • Fried fish and eat
  • "GaengKiewWaan" curry place to eat.

  • Activity:5

  • Soak chili
  • Making iced coffee.
  • Pounding "Yellow Curry Paste"
  • Coconut grater, Squeeze coconut
  • Fermentation chicken
  • Making Sauce for "GaiHorBaiToey" (fried chicken in pandan leaves)
  • Wrap the chicken.
  • Fried experience.
  • Take a brake
  • Squeeze tamarind juice, chopped fresh papaya,
  • "Som Tam" (Green papaya salad)
  • Take a brake
  • Fried basil leaves.
  • PhadKaPrawMoo
  • Take a brake
  • "Ajad" relish(cucumber slices and shallot)
  • GaengKareeGoong.
  • Prepare stuff for designed and sculpture lime
  • "Phad Thai" (fried noodles Thai style) with ingredient

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